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Neene (ネーネ)
A mysterious entity who appears to be a toddler about two years old, who has an uncanny resemblance to Riku's dead aunt Amane. Neene was hatched from a cocoon at the start of the story, and grows at a rapid rate, experiencing a growth spurt occurring each time she uses her powers in a Kanshu fight. Neene calls Riku "papa" and Rena "mama." As the series progresses, she demonstrates various powers, such as turning Riku into a Kanshu after he is wounded in a fight and creating a giant ball of light that disintegrates anything inside it. She is eventually revealed to be a Kyuki, a queen Kanshu who receives the memories stolen by other "drone" Kanshu, and she grows as she absorbs more memories.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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