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Fyana (フィアナ )

Beautiful and mysterious, she is at the center of the conspiracy that nearly cost Chirico his life on Lido. She is many things to many people, and her evolution through various identities changes her from a living weapon to a human being. As "Proto-One," she is the deadly killing machine she was designed to be as the first Melkian Perfect Soldier. As "The Phantom Lady," she is a figure of mystery on the streets of Uoodo City. Chirico later gives her the name "Fyana," and from that point she begins to develop as a person with genuine emotions.

Genetically engineered by the Melkian army, her enhanced fighting abilities make her as deadly as she is captivating. What no one could have foreseen, however, was that when she first awoke in Lido and saw Chirico, her destiny would be forever linked with his. From Lido, she is abducted by the Secret Society and later sent against Chirico in battle. When she meets him face to face for the second time, she feels a strong attractions to him which eventually inspires her to defect from the Secret Society and join him on the run.

Her dependency on the radiation of jijirium for re-energization leads to dangerous conditions when she cannot find appropriate regenerative facilities, but when in top from she is an excellent, refined soldier, highly skilled in many forms of combat.

Voice Actors
Yanaga, Kazuko