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Lulu Peeply (ピープリー・ルル)

Peepley Lulu (ピープリー・ルル, Pīpurī Ruru?) is one of the five foremen of Dock One. His specialties are pitch, block and tackle, and blacksmithing. Lulu fights with double-weapons, although what weapons he uses change at times; he has been seen fighting with swords, guns, and saws, though he tends to stick with swords later in the story. Lulu constantly has part of his hair sticking up. When he tries to push it down, it always pops up somewhere else, such as the other side of his head, his mustache, and other people's heads. In most situations this is simply humorous, with other characters looking at him funny for it or simply ignoring the oddness. However, at times it actually comes in handy; in battle, Lulu can make the hair come out of somebody's nose to distract them, leaving them open for him to attack.


Voice Actors
Oota, Shinichirou
Cherbuy, Didier
César, Rogério
Portuguese (BR)
Cervantes, Martin