Futaba Kutsuki

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Futaba Kutsuki (朽木 双葉)

Futaba plays the role of the tough girl. She is disgusted by the Baka Trio and considers most of the boys in Kanenone to be perverts. Futaba even goes so far as to knock out and hang the Baka Trio (and Yuusuke) upside down by rope when they are caught peeping on the girls while they bathe. After the Baka Trio pulls a cruel and humiliating prank on her in retort, Futaba decides to leave Kanenone on her own that very night. She gets lost in the woods but is rescued by Yuusuke, who carries her back to Kanenone. This act, along with him handing her a towel when her t-shirt is see-through, sparks feelings inside her for Yuusuke, and soon Yuusuke finds himself liking Futaba. Futaba has a younger sister, Wakaba.

Voice Actors
Fujimaki, Eriko
Rutherford, Kristen

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