Oban Star-Racers
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Sul (スル)
A 'magician' known across the galaxy with telekinetic super-powers that are rumored to equal those of the Avatar himself. Sul shows little emotion and rarely reacts to the other pilots unless attacked. He does not actually use a star-racer during the competition, instead he surrounds himself with glowing, diamond-shaped energy fields conjured and controlled by his mind. He states that he desires the Ultimate Prize because as the "master of space, time, and even the course of destiny", there is nothing else for him to wish for. He dominates the first four races on Oban before being eliminated by Canaletto as his ability to alter destiny threatened to ruin his carefully laid plans. It is possible that he still survived; Canaletto wasn't strong enough to kill him, instead arranging for the powerful being to be drawn through an inter-dimensional portal, where he possibly continued to exist.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Fujiwara, Keiji