Hakase "Professor" Fudou

Hakase Fudou

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Hakase Fudou (不動博士)
The father of Yusei Fudo / Fudou who had been working on the Old Momentum project with MIDS. Rudger and Rex Godwin were his assistants. However, he came to the decision that the project was too dangerous to continue and tried to bring about the end of it. The result was that Rudger replaced him in charge. When Zero Reverse occurred, he and his wife were killed in the blast.
Before his death, he entrusted Stardust Dragon, Red Demon’s Dragon and Black Rose Dragon to Rex who put them into circulation in an attempt to locate three of the five Signers.

Voice Actors
Koyama, Rikiya
Grayson, Wayne
Hebrant, Sébastien