Jinzouningen 13-gou "Artificial Human 13, Android 13, Super Android 13"

Jinzouningen 13-gou

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Jinzouningen 13-gou (人造人間13号)

Android #13 is the thirteenth android in the series of androids built by Dr. Gero. He resembles and (in the English dub) sounds like a redneck. He was built along with androids #14 and #15 with the mission of killing Goku. He "evolved" into the much more powerful Super Android #13 after absorbing key components from the defeated Androids #14 and #15. He was killed by Super Saiyan Goku fueled by a Spirit bomb. Only the fact that an Android #13 was created, but deemed a failure and subsequently destroyed was mentioned in the manga. However, since Dr. Gero's computer was still building 13 while 17 and 18 were active, it can be assumed that he was not entirely destroyed but stored away as a back-up plan.

Voice Actors
Legrand, Eric
Sogabe, Kazuyuki
Wilburn, Phillip
Bonino, Giorgio
Jacob, Sebastian
Rocha, Bruno
Portuguese (BR)
Rand, Doug

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