Misao Zaitsu

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Misao Zaitsu (財津操)

With a monstrous face and a huge body, Misao is feared by anyone who sees his face or knows his name (with the exception of his childhood friend and neighbor, Misaki Yamamoto). As expected, he is a capable fighter with plenty of enemies. However, he is also unexpectedly shy; being unable to convey his feelings through words, he writes his confession on a note, and he is unable to bring himself to even say Ayumi's name. He fell for Ayumi when he saw her picture while looking through his younger brother's class photos. After Ayumi made him realize that he scares her, he decided to watch over her at a distance. At the end when Ayumi realizes his good intentions, she tells him her "answer", that she will need to decide between him and his brother Mamoru. Misao understands this, and also decides Mamoru is his rival. He is a stark 194cm (6'3") tall. He seems to be similar to Migishima, another character from Kawashita's work, Strawberry 100%, due to being intimidating despite his good intentions.


Voice Actors
Nomura, Kenji