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Fia Arcana

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Fia Arcana
Fia Arcana (also written as "Fear Arcana") is the daughter of a famed Sui Rem, a sorcerer who uses magical talismans in battle, who was also a master of Shadow Skills. When she first met Elle, Fia resented her and looked at her as a rival. However when news came that Elle had killed her father in battle, that sense of rivalry turned to rage. One of the laws of the Sui Rem states that when one's master is slain, their disciple(s) must cast off their name until the master has been avenged. Because of this, Fia changed her name to Faurink Maya ("Faury" or "Folli" for short), later gaining the nickname "Plasmatizer".

Eventually, she managed to hunt down Elle and confront her. During the battle Faury attempted to kill Elle using the Nothingness Talisman, a forbidden spell known only to the Arcana family, but the mine collapsing as a result of the fight precluded this, trapping Faury under debris to where she could not escape. Surprisingly, Elle rescued her and carried her out of the mine. Faury, now beginning to have doubts as to Elle's guilt, decided to accompany her and see what kind of person Elle was.

In the following years, Faury became good friends with Elle and would often act as an older sister figure. She looked at Elle as a child of light, loved by the gods, while herself as a child of darkness who envied the light. She looked out for Elle as her conscience.

However on one fateful day, a rumor was heard about a village turned completely to ice. The man responsible for this was Louie Francil, a fellow disciple of her father, as well as the watcher sent by the Sui Rem society to ensure that Elle and Faury finished their fight. Elle agreed to the duel, and during their preparations, admitted to Gau that she considered Faury the most powerful opponent she has ever faced. This is where the anime and the OAV diverge.
In the OAV, it was revealed that Scarface had been a witness to Faury's father and Elle's battle, and that it was not Elle who had killed him. Confronted with this, Louie revealed his true colors as the real murderer, stating that he intended for Faury and Elle to kill each other so that he alone could claim the inheritance of his master's powers and title. Having overheard this, Gau fought against Louie and managed to defeat him, blasting him off the cliff where they stood overlooking Elle and Faury, consequently aborting their own battle.

In the anime version, Kyuo and Gau discovered Doga, the real watcher sent by the society, frozen in a river by Louie. Doga revealed that it was not Elle Ragu Louie Francil who had killed Faury's father. As soon as they learned this, Elle and Faury joined forces to defeat Louie.

From then on, Faury's friendship with Elle became even stronger. In the manga, it was emphasized that Faury was a bad cook, and was also revealed later in the series (after the point where the anime ends) that she was also married. Her husband's name was Woaks Porelo, and it was revealed that they had married in Juliannes 4 years previous, when Faury was 15. Her reason for leaving him had been because of her father's murder, and subsequently Faury's search for Elle.

Voice Actors
Mizutani, Yuuko
Auten, Christine