Hiruko "Lord of Atlas"


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Hiruko (水蛭子)
Affiliation: Unknown

A young boy whom Ryoko refers to as the Lord of Atlas, the highest authority in the city. He is partially covered in scrolls, with a strange glow in his left eye. Hiruko resides in his throne room deep below Atlas, with eerie-looking eyes decorating the walls. He appears to be immortal, however his method of attaining it comes at a price: the body he uses often breaks down after a short while, requiring the use of new vessels to maintain his spirit before it dissipates permanently. The unwilling vessel is pushed into a pool, and floating talismans partially cover the body. After a while, the memories and personality of the original body will be destroyed, and Hiruko's spirit will take the place of the vessel, changing the body's appearance to his original self. According to Ryoko, Hiruko made a prediction twelve generations ago, that the Sun and Moon (Kuniko and Mikuni) will meet, and as the children of God, the pair will bring harmony to the world. While predicting the prophecy, he often goes into hysterical fits. Sayoko reveals that Hiruko was used by Talsian to control the oscillation of the spiritual forces around Atlas, and once removed from his abode, the area around Atlas will start to destabilize. After Miiko is made his next vessel, Miiko is able to suppress his personality temporarily. Sayoko takes Hiruko/Miiko away with Mikuni in tow and escape Atlas.

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Kaneda, Tomoko
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