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Name: Zhuo Ling Bin
In-game name: Wicked
Race: Elf (in the novel, he is a dark elf)
Job: Warrior
Team: Dark Phantom ( team leader)

A very skillful warrior and the leader of Dark Phantom. After meeting Prince, he accepts him and his team as his sworn enemy. He is Feng Lan and Feng Yang Ming's childhood friend. He has known Feng Lan since she was 8 years old. He refers to Feng Lan as Xiao Lan. When Feng Lan was 12 years old, he had to move away to follow his family. He made a promise that he would marry Feng Lan in the future. When he found out that Prince's real identity is Feng Lan, he becomes protective and possessive of her. Zhuo Ling Bin is jealous of Gui because he heard from his younger brother - Zhuo Ming Bin - that Prince and Gui have a very "strange" relationship. Later, he admits that he has been in love with Feng Lan for 8 years. As a promise to Feng Lan, he keeps her identity in-game a secret, especially from her brother, Feng Yang Ming.

After overhearing Wicked's heated conversation with Gui, Feng Lan mistakenly believes he has romantic feelings for Feng Yang Ming. Though this surprises her, she decides to support their "relationship."

In the game, Wicked is well known as the leader of Dark Phantom. His incredible speed and ability with a rapier contributes to his stabbing and thrusting style of swordsmanship. His most powerful attack is called "Enigma of the Eclipse," which is an extremely fast flurry of blows.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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