Hiyoshi "Little John Armstrong" Gou

Hiyoshi Gou

Chou Denji Machine Voltes V
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Hiyoshi Gou (剛日吉)
Hiyoshi Gou is a genius in inventing automatons. He has been interested in learning mechanics, robotics, and electromagnetism since a very young age. He was considered a genius by many university professors. He even created a funny little octopus-robot called Tako-chan ("Octo-One" in the dubbed version). But to his big brothers, Kenichi and Daijirou, Hiyoshi will always be a little brother, a child who never felt the warmth and love of a real father. He also excels in swimming and diving. Because of his exceptional talents, Hiyoshi was asked to join the Voltes V Team as a technical handyman, specifically for repairs during field operations. His uniform was light green. Voiced by Noriko Ohara in the original Voltes V series. Volt Frigate (Legs) is Hiyoshi's vehicle.

source: wikipedia

Voice Actors
Ohara, Noriko
Cadueri, Monica