Daijirou "Big Bert Armstrong" Gou

Daijirou Gou

Chou Denji Machine Voltes V
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Daijirou Gou (剛 大次郎)
Daijirou Gou is the defense tactician, was once a playful child. But Daijirou's outlook in life suddenly changed when his father disappeared. Alarmed by this change in his personality, Mrs. Gou sent him to live in the country where a martial arts master taught him different fighting styles and forms of meditation. Upon rejoining his brothers, Daijirou was already a master of different hand-to-hand fighting styles. The naginata (fighting staff) became his favorite weapon. Together with Kenichi and Hiyoshi, Daijirou started training as a member of the Voltes V Team. Unlike in the group portrait above his uniform was dark green, not brown. Voiced by Tesshou Genda in the original Voltes V. He pilots the Volt Panzer (Body Chest).

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Voice Actors
Genda, Tessyo
Cosolo, Carlo
Pescucci, Gastone