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István (イシュトヴァーン)

A young mercenary without scruples, but who is portrayed sympathetically. When he was born, he held a jewel in his hand, and a seer predicted that he would one day rule a kingdom and marry the Princess of Light, who he believes is Rinda. He is nicknamed "The Crimson Mercenary." István is a cunning fellow, and a battle-hardened mercenary by his (approx) age of 20. He is very mischievous and has a wild sense of humor, finding things outrageously funny. He particularly likes to tease Rinda, and currently has her promise to become Captain of the Holy Guards of Parros, once it is regained. He has a sixth-sense about danger, and will often disappear right before a disaster strikes. Although he complains quite a bit, he follows Guin's orders. A likeable fellow with a thin, strong frame, mischievous obsidian eyes, a quick wit, and a cheeky belief he will survive anything, he has a charm of his own.

Voice Actors
Asanuma, Shintarou
Matranga, David