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Australia (オーストラリア)
Nation's name: Commonwealth of Australia
Capital: Canberra
Language: English
Birthday: Unknown
National flower: Golden Wattle

Height: Unknown
Age: Unknown

A character added in 2009, Australia is a large country floating in the ocean that is also one of the seven continents. In earlier artwork, he was shown having blonde hair and blue eyes, but in more recent artwork, his eyes were colored green and his hair was colored light brown. There are two ahoge that stick up by his part, which are said to rise when he is angry. He also has thick eyebrows, similar to England’s.

It was revealed that he is like an older brother figure for Wy, and that she has inherited his fun and free attitude. However, he still hasn’t given her the driveway that she wanted, so she has been angry with him lately.

He has an adventurous and curious personality, constantly looking for fun things to do. Apparently, he is also quite generous, and loves his freedom. He has two pet kangaroos and a pet koala, and is constantly seen wearing a band-aid across his nose.

In a blog post, Hidekaz Himaruya stated that his possible names are “Christian,” “Jett,” “Kyle,” and “Ralph.”

Voice Actors
Rinehart, Tyson
Asai, Keiichirou