Dietrich "Tracker Dietrich"



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Dietrich (ディートリヒ)
First Appearance: Chapter 85
Former Rank: #8 (Demoted current rank unknown)
Type: Offensive

Dietrich is the current generation's #8. She is introduced leading an awakened being hunt, when her underpowered team is at a disadvantage because of poor tactics. She is then saved by the intervention of Helen and Deneve. She appears to have good deductive skills and a serious mind, because she immediately analyzes Helen and Deneve's goals and then prioritizes the safety of her teammates.

Out of a sense of debt to the duo, she decides to stick with Helen and Deneve and warns them of the abyss feeders and developments in the South and explains everything about the Abyss Feeders and how they target the Abyssal Ones.

She has since left the company of Helen and Deneve, and has left for Rabona upon Deneve's request to update Miria and Tabitha about the developments regarding Isley and the new absyss feeders; however, she declined further information to Miria upon further questioning, expressing loyalty to the Organization, and states that her delivery of the message to Miria is simply a means to repay her debt to Deneve and Helen.

Dietrich's skill surprises Helen and Deneve as she evades being knocked unconscious, saves Helen and demonstrates either a strong improvised attack or unnamed skill of using the enemies body as a spring board to jump higher than normal. Then, using that height and the power of gravity, she cuts the enemy in half with a downward slash.

She has been described as "persistent" and "following instructions to the letter" by Galatea, who calls her "Tracker Dietrich," as she has been previously involved in tracking down of Galatea.

As of chapter 102 it's revealed she has been demoted for failing a mission (current rank unknown). Furthermore she saves Yuma by getting the Abyssal Feeders and Hellcats to fight.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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