Mohammed "Turbine" Tabarsi

Mohammed Tabarsi

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Mohammed Tabarsi (ターバイン)
Furyoku: 6,500
Origin: Iraq

Mohammed Tabarsi (Turbine) appears in Arabian robes. He seems to be a high-ranking follower and seems to be very loyal. He's usually the leader of his peers when sent out to make numerous attacks on Yoh's friends. He is later killed by Midori Tamurazaki (Mansumi Oyamada's main henchmen) while fighting Peyote. He along with Peyote were the only two of Hao's henchmen that could not be revived due to their bodies being too damaged to repair, even for revival.

Turbine's Spirit
Mohammad's spirit is Jin(Djinn), a Genie-like being that can successfully perform any task asked of him.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Tanaka, Masahiko