Chitose Yukino

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Chitose Yukino (雪野 ちとせ)

The owner and mistress of the hotel. She stood up of guarding her virginity for the man she love (which suppose 'suspected' to be Ken through some hints, who is her father's staff and her childhood friend.)

But one nasty customer, Mildo Amatsuyu, got his way secretly to her alone and raped her. For one who strongly guard her first time; now is slave to the man who took it from her even if it's against her will...

Later in the story, she was taken away by a local Yakuza (gang), who beat up Mildo, and they kidnapped her. The only thing she saw was her niece, Haruna, who was older than her, being raped willing-ly in front of her by one gang member. Initially, the Yakuza was planning to take the hotel property from her as a payment for her niece's debt, but the plan changed - making her a prostitute like her niece...

Seiyuu: Kaname Yuzuki (柚木 かなめ)

Voice Actors
Kawaragi, Shiho