Lan Di

Lan Di

Shenmue: The Movie
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Lan Di (蓝帝)
Lan Di is the principal antagonist in both Shenmue and its sequel Shenmue II. Lan Di kills Iwao Hazuki, Ryo's father, at the beginning of Shenmue. He blames Iwao for the death of Sun Ming Zhao (his father), and takes a precious stone mirror engraved with a dragon design. This mirror is called the Dragon Mirror, and is one of a pair - the other being the Phoenix Mirror. Ryo swears revenge and chases after him, but almost always finds himself one step behind Lan Di.

Lan Di is one of the four high ranking members of the Chinese criminal syndicate known as the Chiyoumen. He is master of a legendary Chinese martial art known as Tiger Swallow Style.


Voice Actors
Sakurai, Takahiro