Shii Aasu

Shii Aasu

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Shii Aasu (我々守思惟)
It's not hard to spot 18-year-old Shii's most distinctive feature - her colossal breasts. She often announces how heavy they are, and knows their exact weight (8000 grams each). They're problematic in her day-to-day life, necessitating that she frequently rest them on whatever is handy (she had smothered the family cat with them). With Poemy's arrival into the Aasu household, her head becomes a favourite resting place. Her special power is Earth Healing, and her name comes from shi (four), the reason why she is the 4th of the Sisters.

Shii resembles Hyatt from Excel Saga, both characters also have the same voice actresses.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Rial, Monica
Minami, Omi