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Lee Pailong (李白竜)
"The White Dragon," Lee Bailong was a kung fu movie star who was murdered by the Tao clan to be Jun's Jiang-si bodyguard. He is a thinly-veiled reference to Bruce Lee, who died under suspicious circumstances. Technically, he is not a spirit, but a living corpse reanimated using Tao Jun's "ofuda." However, he can be considered to be serving a similar purpose, since he serves Tao Jun and hangs around her perpetually. He is known as Lee Pai Long in the English anime

Bailong was born on November 29, 1948 and died mysterious at the age of thirty; his body disappeared after his funeral. It is later revealed that Bailong was murdered to be Tao Jun's guardian jiāngshī. Once he becomes self-aware again, he forgives Jun for what her family did to him and becomes very attached to her.

Lee Bailong's sensei, Sha-wen (Shaolin in the English anime), founded a variation of the Chāolín ("super forest") Temple Style (a parody of Shaolin). Sha-wen created the Ruichong-quan kung-fu (Eijuken in the English anime). Sha-wen's Ruichong-quan kung-fu was the basis of Bailong's style, the Dǎodàn-do (dǎodàn is Chinese for "missile"), which combined Boxing, Muay Thai, and Karate. Before Bailong died, he intended to create a perfect version of it and he intended not to pass it on until he finally perfected it. Bailong died before he could complete his art form. Various Daodan Do moves include Fu chong Hong Zha si (dive bomber, a series of matrix like flips), followed by Hong Zha Jiao (Bomb kick, a thrust to the face using the right leg) or the Dao Dan Jiao (rochet kick, a sudden thrust to the body with the legs).

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