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Konatsu Warren (コナツ·ウォーレン)
One of the Black Hawks and Hyuuga's Begleiter. Prior to the 5th volume, he was the newest recruit, the second youngest member and the only Black Hawk who was not a Warsfeil.

Konatsu is seen as the most sane of the Black Hawks, and is often stressed or irritated by the behaviour of his superior, Hyuuga. He is a hard-worker and always tries to do his work to a high standard. He is usually the sole voice of reason in the Black Hawks, and thinks everyone around him is very weird. The new member, Shuri, idolizes him, calling him "onii-sama".

He is very naive and shy, and panics easily. According to Katsuragi, Konatsu has a "beautiful soul".

He carries a bat with him almost all times, and uses it to release stress. Like Hyuuga, he carries two swords, but only uses one during combat.

Similar to Kuroyuri, he likes the taste of candy which normal people would find disgusting (seen when he ate a candy and found it delicious, while it made Haruse and Hyuuga faint). However he does have a sense of taste, unlike Kuroyuri, and why he actually enjoys eating them is unknown.

Unlike the rest of the Warren family, Konatsu does not possess Warsfeil. This resulted in him getting excluded by his whole family, except his grandfather. However, he makes up for his lack of black magic with his skills as a swordsman.

Although he was able to graduate the military academy as the top student, he chose to apply for the Black Hawks instead to fulfill his dream of becoming a Warsfeil; as his grandfather had told him the Black Hawks' leader, Ayanami, was believed to be Verloren and could turn Konatsu into a Warsfeil if he were to become Ayanami's subordinate.

Konatsu was rejected by the Black Hawks, and just when he was about to give up he saw Hyuuga practicing his sword in the academy's backyard. Hyuuga quickly recognized him and invited him to duel, saying he would give Konatsu his sword as a reward if he could lay a single finger on Hyuuga. Konatsu accepted the challenge, not knowing Hyuuga was a Black Hawk, and ended up losing quite badly, but unconsciously attempted to choke Hyuuga in his sleep, thus laying a "hit" on him.

When Konatsu woke up, Hyuuga gave him not only his sword, but also an application to the Black Hawks for Konatsu to sign.

Even though his original reason to become a Black Hawk was to become a Warsfeil, Konatsu has not become one, as he thought what he wanted would be useless if it was given to him by someone else. Unlike the others, he hasn't given half of his soul to Ayanami either.

(Source: 07-Ghost Wikia)

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