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Shakuyaku (シャクヤク)
Shakuyaku, also know by her nickname Shakky, is the Bartender of Shakky's Rip-off Bar on the Sabaody Archipelago. She is a former pirate alongside her companion Rayleigh and is also known for once being chased by notable marine Monkey D. Garp.

Shakky is very smart, and seems to constantly seek information - particularly on other pirates. She also reads the newspapers in what one could assume to be an obsessive manner, as she believes strongly that knowledge is power. She was the one who informed Luffy of all of the nine other pirates whose bounties exceed one hundred million beli.

She also seems intent on keeping her age a secret; Luffy asked her how old she was when he heard that she had quit being a pirate forty years ago, but she immediately changed the subject. After meeting Luffy for a short time, she is impressed by him, and states that she's rooting for him to become the Pirate King.

She gave up the life of a pirate forty years ago to open a bar. She is infamous for charging exuberant prices for her goods, however she makes an exception for Hatchan and the Strawhats.

(source: Shakky@onepiecewikia)

Voice Actors
Tsuru, Hiromi
Maxwell, Elizabeth