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Shalulia (シャルリア)
Saint Shalulia (Shalulia Guu) is a female World Noble, the sister of Saint Charloss, and the daughter of Saint Roswald.

Like other World Nobles she dresses in a suit with supplies her with oxygen to save her sharing the same air as commoners. Her hair inside the bubble is styled upwards, forming a curl above her head. She wears a veil over the lower half of her mouth and light tinted shades over her eyes. She also wears heart-shaped earrings.

She first appears when her slave, Dias escapes in the Sabaody Archipelago, making her father comment on her carelessness in ruining his captain collection. After Dias' collar explodes, she then mocks his pitifulness and shoots him. When she is done she walks away commenting on how next time she wants a giant as a slave.

Later she turns up at the Human Auctioning House with her father, waiting for her brother, Saint Charloss. She attempts to kill Camie while the Straw Hats were busy holding off guards but is stopped by the timely intervention of Silvers Rayleigh who knocks her out with a burst of "spirit energy".

She is later seen outside of the auction house, beside her beaten and unconscious father and brother, angrily shouting insults at the Marines for not capturing the Straw Hats yet. In her anger she swore that upon their capture she would force the pirate crew to beg on the ground for forgiveness from her and then bring Hell to them.

Voice Actors
Grant, Tiffany
Kasahara, Rumi
Piovani, Tosawi
Jacobacci, Claudia