Oscar Hemeros

Oscar Hemeros

Zoids Shinseiki/Zero
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Oscar Hemeros
A good friend of Dr. Toros having grown up together with the joint ambition of entering the Zoid leagues, he had the misfortune of being the cause of the bitter feud between Dr. Toros and Dr. Laon. Oscar was supposed to write a love letter to a woman whom Dr. Toros and Dr. Laon were courting, but he didn't know that the note was supposed to be from Dr. Laon, not Steve Toros. Oscar was one of the greatest aerial Zoid pilots in his day, earning his moniker "Wild Eagle" for his sheer mastery of aerial stunts and maneuvers. However, one day, he lost control of his Raynos and crashed. The accident forced him into early retirement from the leagues, though he still pilots aerial Zoids in more casual settings. He sent his son, Jamie, to join Dr. Toros' Blitz Team, believing that between him and Toros, they could bring out some of that Wild Eagle blood in Jamie.

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