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Steve Toros
Steve Toros is the Blitz Team's manager (but also serves as an inventor and occasionally a combat controller in Jamie's place), whose children are Leena and Leon Toros. He, Dr. Layon, and Oscar are old friends, but when Dr. Toros married the woman (Leena and Leon's mother) loved by Layon, Layon developed a grudge against Dr. Toros and refused to forgive him (his feelings do not extend to Leena, whom he says resembles her mother). Layon incinerated the place where the trio used to gather, completely ending the camaraderie between both of them (Oscar seems to be neutral in the situation).

Dr. Toros is 38 years-old, he seems to be impulsive (notoriously purchasing weaponry on the basis of being "shiny" and "big"), overdramatic and immature at times, but in all is a knowledgeable man. He built the CAS interchangeable armour system solely for the Liger Zero (see the Liger Zero article for details). He purchased the Liger Zero because white Ligers were rare, but the Zoid was deemed defective because of the scarcity of spare parts for maintenance, as well as its fickled, stubborn personality; it would eject pilots that were forced upon it or deemed unworthy.

In many episodes, he is seen playing with model Zoids, of which he's very protective, and frantically panics in comedic fashion whenever he accidentally breaks off a part. He is so fond of them that he's been shown to keep a collection on his bed whenever he sleeps or relaxes.

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