Seara Arisugawa

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Seara Arisugawa (有須川せあら)

Age: 12
Height: 162cm

A tall, beautiful sixth grader who fell in love with Shuhei Seto. She is a strong,athletic girl who touches people with her honest expressions of how she really feels. Seara once said that one of her mottos is "whoever is nice to me, I'll be nice to. Whoever is mean to me, I'll fight back!" She decided to stay with the Seto family while her mother and father moved to America so she could get closer to Shuhei. At Seara's previous elementary school, anyone who was nice to her seemed to get hurt, so she was known as the "God of Plagues" and didn't have many friends. In her new elementary school, however, things seem to be going well and she is the most popular girl in the class. She is constantly trying to improve herself for Shuhei's sake.

Voice Actors
Kasahara, Hiroko