Collette "Mother" Preminger

Collette Preminger

Ashita no Nadja
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Ashita no Nadja
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Collette Preminger
Colette is the beloved mother Najda is searching for. She is the daughter of a Duke, and is thus of extremely high social status. This meant very little however, when she met Raymond, a handsome musician. It was the night of her first ball, and love at first sight for the both of them. Colette risked her father's wrath to elope with Raymond, and shared many happy days with him. They both had great love for their daughter, Nadja. Unfortunately great illness and cruel fate would separate Colette from her daughter. All these years, Collete has believed Nadja to be in heaven, never knowing that somewhere out there Nadja is searching for her.


Voice Actors
Yasuhara, Reiko
Tak, Carolina
Yeo, Min Jeong
Duranti, Sabrina