Anna "Granny" Petrova

Anna Petrova

Ashita no Nadja
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Ashita no Nadja
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Anna Petrova
A mysterious, kindly Russian old lady who makes extravagant hats or hair ornaments for dukes and nobles. She knitted a dress for Nadja, and it is likely that she is the primary source of income for the "Dandelion Troupe", along with donations.

Anna is a very mysterious character: she is sort of a grandmotherly figure for everyone in the Troupe, yet none of them are really sure just how old she is. Anna sews all the costumes for the Troupe, though it seems that Nadja and Kennosuke are the only ones who occasionally change costume) and she operates the phonograph mounted on the top of the car.

Anna has a side business of making fashionable hats for noblewomen, and occasionally the Dandelion car must detour so Anna can deliver a hat to a buyer. In fact, Nadja and Francis are able to really meet each other thanks to Anna delivering a hat for Francis' aunt Emma. Anna is a fortune teller; she know right away after she first sees Nadja that fate has adventures in store for her, and throughout the series she always seems to know when important things will happen to Nadja. She is an unexpectedly good fighter, due to her small size and skill with her deadly iron pan.

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Voice Actors
Kyouda, Hisako
Espinosa, Mercedes
Biella, Lorenza