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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
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Albel Nox (アルベル・ノックス)
Albel Nox is an Elicoorian swordsman from the kingdom of Airyglyph and The captain of the Black Brigade, one of the three military forces of the Kingdom of Airglyph. He is known as Albel the Wicked, Albel is easily identified by the gauntlet on his left arm.

He is an excellent combatant specializing in the katana, a special kind of sword, and in one-on-one combat he is said to possess skills comparable to Duke Vox, the captain of the Dragon Brigade.

During Albel's Ascension of the Flame ceremony, which occurred when he was fifteen years old, he failed to take his place among the knights of the Dragon Brigade when he was unable to release his own individual feelings and commune with the spirit of the air dragon. He should have died for his hubris as the dragons breathed their fury upon him, but his father Glou Nox shielded him with his own body and bore the brunt of the flames, saving his life.

Lord Glou Nox, Albel's father, was good friends with Count Woltar, the third leader of Airyglyph's military, and Count Woltar came to look after the young and mischievous Albel. Albel's left arm was severely burned as a result of his failed attempt to make a partnership with a dragon. His father's death has led Albel to self-loathing, as he thinks that he did not deserve to be saved as he had failed. It has been hypothesized that because of a fear that someone will sacrifice themselves to save him again, he keeps others at arm's length, so that he (and they) won't get hurt again. Regardless, Albel is socially inept; he speaks little, and that which he says is often derogatory or threatening in nature, and he often refers to others as "maggots," "worms," and "fools."

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