Sharona "Jarōna"


Shaman King
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Sharona (シャローナ)
The "leader" of the group " The Lily Five" who uses a golden pipe as her medium. She acts somewhat like a French socialite and in the English dub, incorporates French phrases into her speech. She is with Lilly, conceives most of the group's plans to find Patch Village.

Before forming the Lily Five, in Sharona's past she been rejected by a child she took care of. Her ambition is to become famous as Shaman Queen, which results in an argument with Anna Kyoyama, who has similar designs. Despite her bold mannerisms and somewhat calculating nature, she is good-hearted and actually quite clever.

Her Guardian Ghost is Enra Enra. a pink smoke pixie spirit that resembles a woman that when called upon comes out of the smoke of Sharona's medium, like a genie. Enra Enra. can shapeshift into various objects upon Sharona's wish.

Voice Actors
Ochiai, Rumi
Hollingshead, Megan
Jeong, Mi Sook
Luna, Circe