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Belgium (ベルギー)
Nation's name: Koninkrijk België, Royaume de Belgique (Kingdom of Belgium)
Capital: Brussels
Language: Dutch and French
Birthday: Unknown
National flower: Red Poppy

Height: Unknown
Age: Unknown

Belgium is the cheerful sister of the Netherlands and Luxembourg. She has green eyes and wavy shoulder-length blonde hair, but in other pieces of official artwork, she has been shown with light brown hair. She had a non-speaking appearance in the first episode of the anime adaptation and in a special unaired episode titled “The Diary of the Awesome Me, Part 2.”

At one point in time, Belgium lived with her brother, the Netherlands, and Romano (then Chibiromano) in Spain’s house. Her relationship with her brother seemed to have gone bad at this time. When he declared independence from Spain, Belgium fought against him and stayed with Spain. The Netherlands tried making up with her afterwards by forming one country with her, but things did not work out and the two remained separate countries. It is also said that their great differences in their personalities was what played a big part in pushing them away from each other. Belgium is mature and friendly compared to the Netherlands, who is cool and tough. To this day, it is noticeable that their relationship is still on the rocks and somewhat awkward.

Romano, as a child, had a big crush on Belgium, who was much older than him. He was shy and unable to express his feelings towards her or kiss her when she told him to, something that Belgium only told him to do because she felt bad for him.

She is described as being kind, mature, good-natured, diligent, and friendly, but gets pushed around by her siblings a lot and is somewhat meddlesome, like the type of person who sticks their nose in other people’s business. It is also said that she’s crazy for gourmet food and delicious snacks. Apparently, she’s very frightening when mad. She has a pretty face and noticeable features, but according to her character profile in volume 3 of the manga, “Although her features stand out, her clothes are simple and not very conspicuous.” Some people often forget about her and do not notice her because she is overshadowed by the other countries around her. Belgium is also described as a “tsukkomi" (straight man), and is noted to speak in a Shiga dialect.

Although her official human name has not been decided, Hidekaz Himaruya revealed in a blog post that he has considered “Anri,” “Emma,” “Laura,” and “Manon” as possible names. Since this decision has not been made final, fans often render her name as “Alice” in reference to “Alice in Wonderland.”

Voice Actors
Nakamura, Eriko
Doskocil, Amanda