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Taiwan (台湾)

Nation's name: 臺灣 (Taiwan) | Republic of China
Capital: Taipei
Language: Mandarin
Birthday: October 25th
National flower: Plum Blossom

Height: 150cm (4'9")
Age: Unknown

Taiwan, also called the Republic of China, is a strong-willed and fashionable qipao clad teenage girl. She has long brown hair with a curly ahoge sticking out on one side. She has yet to appear in the anime adaptation, but she made her speaking debut in the eighth Hetalia character CD, which focused on China.

As shown in a sketch, she seems to possibly dislike China and may possibly favor Japan. In this sketch, she called China a "bastard" and told him to back off of Japan. In the eighth character CD, in which she had her speaking debut, she called China "sensei" and spoke in a friendly manner with him, leaving whether or not she is really on bad terms with him in mystery.

It is speculated by fans that she was raised by China, and that China, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong are like siblings to her.

Her personality is rather cheerful, though she is shown to have a smart-mouth and a short temper. She is also said to be somewhat of a nervous type of person, unable to stop worrying.

Although her official human name has not been decided, Hidekaz Himaruya revealed in a blog post that he has considered "Lin Yi Ling" and "Xiao Mei" as possible names, but since the decision has not been made final, fans often render her name as "Mei" (meaning "plum blossom" in Chinese), "Meimei" (meaning "little sister" in Chinese), "Tai-chan" (derived from Taiwan), "Wanwan" (also derived from Taiwan), and "Wan-chan" (also derived from Taiwan).

Voice Actors
Harp, Clarine
Kaida, Yuki