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Oichi (お市)

The wife of Azai Nagamasa and sister of Oda Nobunaga. She is depicted as a slender woman who is very melancholic and depressed, always thinking that everything is her fault. She was at first sent by her brother, Oda Nobunaga, to marry Azai Nagamasa and spy on him. However, she genuinely fell in love with him and was torn between betraying her brother and her lover. While considered innocent looking, she also has a dark side which can become dangerous once she snaps. She wields a double bladed naginata, which she can separate and chain-link to its bar. In Sengoku BASARA 3/Anime, she fights only with her hands of darkness.

Voice Actors
Noto, Mamiko
Bailey, Laura
Jean, Bérangère
Hassert, Caroline