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Eshild Barder
Eshild is a very proud girl from a noble family in Ramira and the only daughter of Ramira's Prime Minister Barder. She is known for her knowledge and pride which she takes seriously and lets no one belittle her. Most of her life she has lived trying to be like a son to her father as a result she rides horses, wears clothes like boys and even learns how to sword fight. Her dream was to be free and independent and one day cross the ocean on a ship. When she was only 12 years old She gets engaged with out her own consent to King Biyon (whom she knows loves Bii). She starts to hate Bii as she was all everyone cared about and for the fact that King Biyon chose a commoner like Bii rather than her who was a noble. When Bii comes back to Ramira and marries King Biyon, it puts more fire on Eshe's hatred toward Bii up to the point where she tries to kill her. Later on she forgets her past and forgives both of them and eventually becomes Bii's best friend and an aunt figure to Preia (Pry). She meets Ryan Vaida (Leo) and begins to fall in love with him. He is also the one who taught her how to sword fight. Even when her feelings for him were clear, he seemed to ignore them as she was already engaged and their families may become enemies in the future. But later on Leo does confess his true feelings to her and both live happily but only for a short period of time. A war between Ramira and Anatolia separates the both of them as she has to protect Bii and leave Ramira. Many years pass by and after searching for so long she finally gets reunited with Leo.

(Source: K0K05)

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