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Brad Hunter (バラッド・ハンター)

Brad Hunter is a pilot who began his career as a mercenary and was hired by the Blitz Team before the start of the series to boost their pilot number. He pilots a modified Command Wolf, but is later forced to steal a prototype Shadow Fox from Dr. Layon and the Backdraft Group. After receiving the Shadow Fox, Brad engages in combat with Bit and the Liger Zero. After a brisk battle, it is stopped due to both pilots belonging to the Blitz Team, and the Shadow Fox officially becomes a member of the Blitz team thanks to Brad's deception—his plan all along.

Brad possesses a notably high physical endurance, shown in one instance when Layon stuck him in a G-Force-esque simulator and he retained consciousness despite the deadly force exerted upon him.

Because of his mercenary nature, Brad will rarely enter a fight without a promise of financial compensation, even if the other team members are in trouble.

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Voice Actors
Matsukaze, Masaya
Vincent, Samuel
Song, Jun Seok
Albano, Davide