Masaki "Akemi-chan" Akemiya

Masaki Akemiya

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Masaki Akemiya (朱宮 正樹)
Akemiya is a classmate of Sumika's, though Sumika doesn't take notice of him until he one day tells her he thinks she's cute. This is a comfort to Sumika, who feels "uncute" but wants to appear that way in hopes that her best friend, Ushio, may return her feelings; Ushio makes it clear again and again that she likes "cute" girls.

What Sumika doesn't realize until later is that Akemiya notices Sumika's insecurity to a great extent because he was a girl Sumika saw in a store the previous day and wanted to emulate because she looked like the type Ushio would crush on. Akemiya developed feelings for Sumika, but, once he realized that Sumika was in love with Ushio, his younger sister, amused, convinced him into cross-dressing to gain her attention. She sent a photo of him dressed as a girl to a magazine. The magazine hired him, and, before he knew it, his pictures of him modeling as a girl were published and distributed. Akemiya found the entire situation embarassing and went around confiscating copies of the magazine, but did so dressed as the model, too prideful to buy the girly magazine as a boy. He saw Sumika in the store upon doing so.

He confesses to Sumika, after she discovers his true gender, who likewise agrees that she has feelings for Ushio. Akemiya asks if he's not good enough for her, but Sumika says simply that her feelings are for Ushio and that she can't bring herself to give up on her. Sumika later threatens to tell of Akemiya's exploits in dressing as the model and has him dress again as the model in order to try and discover more girls who are interested in girls for the Girls Club. Ushio catches Akemiya dressed cutely as a girl, however, and he ends up a temporary member of the club, posing as a transfer student. This identity is later thrown away because he has to go to school normally, however.

Ushio is thrilled with Akemiya's persona as a girl and finds him to be cute, and would be shocked to learn his real gender. Sumika finds this distressing; she is deemed less cute than a boy by Ushio.

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