Akihiko Kira

Akihiko Kira

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Akihiko Kira (吉羅暁彦)
Age: 31
Birthday: January 3
Blood type: AB

He doesn't remember people's faces all that well, so even if someone had met him before, he won't remember them. He is the son of the family that founded Seiso Academy.

Akihiko is the most recent and youngest director in the history of the school and was asked to solve a financial crisis that befell the school. He made a decision to separate the school into two different schools: a music school and a general education school. Kahoko opposed this, and Akihiko challenges her to create a successful Christmas concert with an ensemble of other musicians from the school.

It is revealed that Kanazawa was his senior when both of them were still in school. He used to play violin in the past, but dropped it because of a tragedy in the past, and had also come to hate music.

It appears that Akihiko has some obscure relationship with Lili.

Voice Actors
Uchida, Yuuya