Chiiko "Tiko, Mirtilla" Komori

Chiiko Komori

Majokko Tickle
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Chiiko Komori (小森チーコ)
A very shy girl, she is the one who freed Tickle, and now lives with her, posing as twins. She had just lost her best friend when she received the book containing Tickle. She has a very annoying sister named Hina. She is very shy, but becomes more confident as the story progresses. She is usually against Tickle's use of magic. She is voiced by Youko Asagami except in the last episode when Keiko Han had to fill in for her. Tiko was renamed Mirtilla in the Italian dub.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Ichiryuusai, Harumi
Baldini, Antonella