Shounen Onmyouji
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Taiin (太陰)

Taiin is a wind user who resembles a young girl with high pigtails. Fittingly she also has a childish personality despite living for so long. Said to be rash by a fair few of the Seishou, Taiin attacks with mini tornados and can also use the wind to communicate and pass messages. She can also 'read' the wind to know what's happening at other places but she's not good at it. Because of her personality she is often at the receiving end of one of Byakko's lectures with the current record lasting 8 hours. Taiin does not like slimy things and often appears with Genbu. She can create a tornado to transport people to other places but the ride is usually very rough. A recurring gag in the series is that whenever she uses this, Masahiro and Genbu falls on the ground. Only the older Shikigami remain standing.

Voice Actors
Konno, Hiromi
Curto, Chelsea
Song, Do Yeong