Taku Morisaki

Taku Morisaki

Umi ga Kikoeru
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Taku Morisaki (杜崎 拓)
Main protagonist. Taku, needing money for the school's trip to Hawaii, took his restaurant busboy job to offset the expense, at the cost of falling grades and his teachers' disapproval. He voiced his disapproval of canceling the school trip in front of the whole school.

Is there when Rikako plans to go to Tokyo, lends her money for the tickets (although he didn't know of her plans). He likes Rikako but tries not to show his feelings knowing how Yutaka feels about her, also.

On their trip to Tokyo, he falls in love with the city and plans to enroll in Tokyo University after graduating from high school.

Voice Actors
Tobita, Nobuo
Sablik, Nico
Markovics, Tamás
Yang, Seok jeong
Escobal García, Alberto

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