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Seychelles (セーシェル)
Nation's name: Repiblik Sesel, République des Seychelles (Republic of Seychelles)
Capital: Victoria
Language: Seychellois Creole, French, and English
Birthday: June 29th
National flower: Tropicbird Orchid

Height: Unknown
Age: Unknown

The main protagonist of the Gakuen Hetalia (Hetalia Academy) game, and a reoccurring character in the anime and manga series. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes, but in earlier artwork, she was shown with black hair and blue eyes. As an African country, her skin tone ranges from tanned to fair; most of the manga illustrations depict her skin tanned, while in the official release of Gakuen Hetalia and in the anime adaptation, she has fair skin.

As shown in a flashback, Seychelles was raised by France. In Gakuen Hetalia, he is one of her love interests and in the prototype for the original version of the game, he was a “bad end.” The two seem to be somewhat close, as France was observed visiting her on several occasions. However, Seychelles finds him disgusting; he has tried touching and undressing her, all because he claims that he wants to see how her body has developed since she was a child.

Her other respective love interest in Gakuen Hetalia is England, the student council president. The second he met her, he made her his colony and slave, going so far as to strap a dog collar around her neck. Throughout the course of Gakuen Hetalia, Seychelles battles between her feelings for him and France. Despite this, it was shown in strips in the manga that they don’t really get along, and that Seychelles holds a grudge against him for how he’s treated her in the past.

Her personality is described as being that of, more or less, a big-hearted country girl who’s a bit tsundere. She relies completely on other countries for ideas as far as cooking and taste goes, and has hardly any natural resources, so all of her food and such is imported. Often seen worrying about her high cost of living and the fact that hardly anyone knows that she exists out there in the Indian Ocean, she can also be described as being a tad sloppy. She receives a handful of tourists every year, and is visited by France and England every now and again, so even though she has a high cost of living, she gets along pretty well. Seychelles is known to speak a “mysterious” language that is a mixture of English, French, and a bunch of other languages, so in a way, she’s kind of peculiar. According to the original Gakuen Hetalia prototype game, she lives with her grandfather. As shown in several instances, she’s obsessed with fish and is often depicted holding one.

It was revealed that the island that the Axis Powers and the Allies have been shipwrecked and stranded on is actually Seychelles herself. In her anime debut in Hetalia World Series, she was shown watching them from afar, wondering just how in the world they ended up on her.

Originally, Seychelles was drawn with one thick eyebrow and one thin eyebrow, possibly because of her former status as both a British and French colony.

Voice Actors
Takamoto, Megumi
Glass, Caitlin
Hodges, Cassandra

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