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Ibuki (イブキ)
Claire (Ibuki in original Japanese language versions) is in charge of the Rising Badge, and resides in Blackthorn City. She is an expert on Dragon types. Lance, the head of the Kanto Elite Four, is her cousin, and she once trained with him for the Elite Four. In Pokémon Crystal, she also has a grandfather who lives inside the Dragon's Den. Her English name derives from "clear".

In the anime
After Ash Ketchum and his friends arrive at Blackthorn City, they discover a Dratini and a Gyarados in a river. Afterwards, they meet Clair and follow the Dratini for some time, and end up freeing it from Team Rocket. Later, Dratini evolves into a Dragonair, much to Jessie's dismay. Clair performs the Dragon Fang ritual at a ceremony, then faces Ash in a Gym Battle, which is interrupted when Team Rocket steals the Dragon Fang. Ash, Clair and Team Rocket all end up in the Dragon Holy Land, where Team Rocket tricks a Dragonite into helping them. Luckily, Liza and Ash's Charizard arrive to save the day. Ash's Charizard later helps him earn him his rising badge by beating Clair's Dragonair (Kingdra was defeated by Snorlax and Gyrados by Pikachu).Claire also appeared in the next episode where she helped Ash get his badges which were stolen by Team Rocket.

In the manga
In Pokémon Adventures, Clair is one of the first to meet Suicune and she is outclassed quickly by its use of Mist to create a reflection of itself. Later, she challenges Blaine at the Gym Leaders' Challenge, in the hope that Blaine would know what became of her cousin Lance after Blaine and Lance's battle at Cerise Island the year before. Despite a Team Rocket attack which traps all the Gym Leaders on a bullet train, she forces Blaine into fighting their duel. However, Blaine quickly wins, relying on his Entei's powerful attacks. This victory is the tiebreaker in the Gym Leaders' Challenge, giving the win to the Kanto Gym Leaders with four wins, three loses and one draw.

Voice Actors
Mita, Yuuko
Hollingshead, Megan
Kaminsky, Eva
Vadacca, Maddalena
Tartarine, Maralise