Izumi "Zoe" Orimoto

Izumi Orimoto

Digimon Frontier
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Digimon Frontier: Ornismon Fukkatsu!!
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Izumi Orimoto (織本 泉)

Izumi Orimoto is a fictional character in the anime series Digimon Frontier. In this series, a group of chosen human children are given the ability to turn into Digimon. Izumi is the female of this group, and is given the "Spirits of Wind" at the beginning of the series.

Izumi is the only female member of the team and was chosen to wield the Spirit of Wind that holds the power of AncientKazemon. She was born in Japan but moved to Italy at a young age (in the Italian dub, Izumi was born in Japan but moved to America). She recently moved back to Japan but had problems making friends due to the culture barrier and because of her attitude. Izumi knows many Italian words and uses Italian exclamations occasionally. J.P. Shibayama has a crush on her and blatantly flirts with her.

Izumi is very kind and while she fights, she does it to protect others and herself. As Ranamon put it, she's usually too nice to kill an enemy. Izumi is Ranamon's arch-foe and she is the one who fights her most often as Ranamon is jealous of her beauty.

Source: Wikipedia.

Voice Actors
Ruff, Michelle
Ishige, Sawa
Talmács, Márta
Marinho, Raquel
Portuguese (BR)
Rishfi, Dana
Park, Seon Yeong
Vielhaben, Ann
Calò, Daniela
Sáinz, Marta
Mendoza, Mireya

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