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Ren Hazuki (葉月 恋)

Ren Hazuki is a member of Liella! and is a main character in Love Live Superstar!!

Year - First Year
Birthday - November 24th
Blood Type - A
Height 163 cm
Favorite Foods - Consomme Soup, Strawberries, Darjeeling Tea
Image Color - Dark Blue

Ren is polite and always speaks in a very formal tone, although she isn't quite used to holding casual conversations. Ren is also very dedicated to enriching the lives of her fellow students, as the responsibilities of the school were handed down to her from her mother. Ren studies calligraphy, art, English, ballet, and practices swimming, but she is the most adept to playing the piano and performing as a figure skater.

(Source: Love Live Fandom Wikia)

Voice Actors
Aoyama, Nagisa
Van Sistine, Natalie