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Platinum Berlitz (プラチナ・ベルリッツ)
Platinum is the female protagonist of the DP series, but she goes by the title Lady Berlitz, and her first name has been kept a secret since the beginning of the series until the story progresses to Canalave City. There were several occasions that her first name has been mentioned, but it has always been covered by other speech bubbles, as if being drowned out by other sounds or voices. This was deliberately done to wait for the release of the third sequel to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, which title was planned as her first name.

Platinum is a descendant of the prestigious Berlitz family, which is a wealthy clan in Sinnoh with a history of more than 200 years, producing fine scholars in every generation. A family tradition calls for each individual to travel to the summit of Mt. Coronet, and collect a special material to create an accessory bearing the family crest. Like her father Sir Berlitz, she is acquainted with Prof. Rowan and has worked as his assistant before she set out on her journey, allowing her to know a lot about Pokemon.

Proud and arrogant, Platinum comes off as a spoilt girl, and only spends her nights at top-class luxurious hotels. She did not find it necessary to reveal her name to people of a lower class, as taught by her butler Sebastian, and thus refused to tell it to Dia and Pearl, whom she mistook as her bodyguards due to a mutual misunderstanding. However, Platinum actually has the heart of an innocent child underneath her perky exterior, and can sometimes come off as goofy even. As she weathered through various adventures under the support of Dia and Pearl, she gradually came to appreciate their presence, shared her glory of victory with them when she won the Super Contest, and even started addressing them by their first names after the incident at Veilstone City.

When Sir Berlitz became Team Galactic's victim of false ransom, Platinum rushed to Canalave City to find him, during which she discovered the truth about Dia and Pearl's real identities, something the boys have known since meeting the real bodyguards but decided to keep a secret from her for the sake of sustaining the ties they've worked so hard to keep. Platinum took the news hard since she trusted the boys so much, and locked herself behind close doors. After sorting out her thoughts through a fitful night's rest, during which she dreamt of the boys perishing in an explosion, she made up her mind to continue their companionship. She revealed her full name to the boys after confessing her own lies throughout their journey, an act to make them equal as friends instead of the client and bodyguard relationship they've shared so far.

According to Platinum herself, she reads at least 10 books each day since her childhood, and as a result, is very knowledgeable in many aspects, a reflection of the virtue she represents: knowledge, making her the most associated with Uxie of the Sinnoh lake trio, the knowledge Pokemon. She is almost like a walking encyclopaedia, which added to Dia and Pearl's misconception that she was a very professional tour guide at the beginning. However, Platinum believes that learning through first-hand practice is much more effective and interesting, and thus constantly wishes to try out and experience everything that comes along. It is therefore no surprise that she has decided to take on both gym and contest challenges, on top of many other things she desires to explore. She easily gets along with people due to her genuine interest and enthusiasm, and is acquainted with Cynthia, who has personally taught her about battling at Eterna.

The same cannot be said about her relationship with Pearl at the beginning though, who has a hot temper and refused to accept the rude attitude of this 'tour guide.' Pearl often got mad at Platinum's arrogance and denials, most of the time pertaining to acts that she was trying to hide from the boys. However, he was amazed at her knowledge and perseverance, and almost always ended up helping her out despite complaining about it. Dia, on the other hand, has a secret crush on Platinum, and knew right from the beginning that she is a true lady. He actively supports her in all of her actions, and strives to keep her happy and protected all the time.

Although seemingly weak and inept at battling when she started, Platinum has emerged as one of the quickest gym challengers in history, conquering six gyms in a matter of 25 days. Her journey has clearly equipped her with remarkable skills as a trainer, gaining the confidence of even Byron when she voiced her determination to thwart Team Galactic's evil schemes. Her talent lies in her ability to promptly put her experience and advice from others to practical use, with the help from her wide knowledge base. Her sources of inspiration ranged from Dia and Pearl's Manzai dialogue, her own drowning experience at the Great Marsh, and even the slot machines at Veilstone's Game Corner.

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