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Night Walker: Mayonaka no Tantei
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Appears in episode 11, "A Witch in the Forest". One hundred years prior to the episode, this woman bade her love, a man named Shuberk, goodbye as he left to go to war. Over the intervening years the woman faithfully waited for Shuberk, but her beauty was fading and she worried that he would not love her when he returned. Then a nightbreed offered her a bargain: restored her youth and beauty in exchange for human flesh. Upon accepting the bargain, the woman became blind.

In the events of the episode, Cain uses the woman as an example of human folly and frailty in hopes of convincing Shido to rejoin him. Shido meets the woman in the ruins of her village and suspects nothing, but Cain appears to tell him that she is not what she seems. Eager to prove Cain wrong, Shido returns to the village and is attacked by the woman in her breed form, when Cain intercedes. Shido refuses Cain's requests to rejoin him, and in response Cain tells Shido the location of the breed's lair.

Shido is horrified to discover the frozen bodies of the villagers in the nightbreed's lair, including Shuberk, whom she did not recognize in her blindness. Shido confronts the breed with her crimes, and not wanting to listen, the breed attacks him, only to let Shido deal her a fatal blow. Strangely, she thanks Shido for setting her free and casts herself over a cliff.

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Voice Actors
McGlynn, Mary Elizabeth
Katsuki, Masako