Reeve Tuesti

Reeve Tuesti

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete
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Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile - Episode: Denzel
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Reeve Tuesti (リーブ・トゥエスティ)
Unlike many of the Shinra executives, Reeve shows sincere concern for Midgar citizens, and eventually, the Planet itself. This sense of empathy is reflected in what little is shown about his family; he is close to his parents. Reeve hates Scarlet, most likely because of her ruthless and inhumane personality. He is also shown to have a sense of humor shown when he asked the party if they were interested in what "Kya ha ha" and "Gya ha ha" were planning (nicknames referring to Scarlet and Heidegger respectively from their signature laughs).

(Source: Final Fantasy Wikia)

Voice Actors
Ginga, Banjou
Price, Jamieson
Engelhardt, Frank