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In Book 1, Mitsuo is possessed by the ghost of a girl, Kiyomi, who, in her lifetime, had a crush on Hasunuma and regrets having never told him. Kiyomi uses Mitsuo's body to make her feelings known to Hasunuma. Of course, his classmates think that it is in fact Mitsuo himself professing his love to Hasunuma, and decide he must be gay (a belief that Mitsuo fights against in vain). Hasunuma, however, apparently realizes the truth of the matter, and dispels the ghost from Mitsuo's body by using charm cards. He turns out to have a decent amount of knowledge about spirits, and therefore proves useful in helping Mitsuo. Hasunuama is a parody on seme a stereotype in shōnen ai stories.

Unknown to Mitsuo (for the majority of the 4 books, at least), Hasunuma is interested in Mitsuo, and looks out for him, once even jumping out of an upstairs window to save him and later crossdressing to protect Mitsuo's reputation. Mitsuo also begins to have feelings for Hasunuma, but attempts to hide them out of fear, uncertainty, and his own fabricated reason of concern for Hasunuma's 'feelings'.

At the end of the series there is a gag comic that refers to the fact that Hasunuma's full name has never been revealed. When he attempts to inform Mitsuo of his full name, Hasunuma's attempts are bleeped out as if he was being censored for bad language. The other characters theorize that his name must be something naughty while Hasunuma asserts that his name is not anything bad and is just a normal name.

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