Nakita Kuramitsu

Nakita Kuramitsu

Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki 3rd Season
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Nakita Kuramitsu (九羅密 吟鍛)
Nakita is a military officer that briefly appears at the end of episode 16. He pointedly questions Minami Kuramitsu as to why he is sending the Chobimaru to Earth with Misao to rescue Mihoshi without his authorization. Nakita warns him that since Earth is an undeveloped world, he would risk having the Earthlings see it and cause a general panic. After realizing that Minami intends to destroy the Earth, Nakita knows that Minami is risking a war between the Kuramitsu family and Jurai and also points out that he has a message that Mikami Kuramitsu will sell one of his garden planets if the Chobimaru were to be damaged in the attack. Nakita then gave Minami the other message from Lady Seto that she will buy the planet and enjoy watching Minami squirm, as she only intends to watch.

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Voice Actors
Suwabe, Junichi
Thornton, Kirk